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We are excited to announce that 19 Bistro @ Fitz is now open! Chef Geoff Molloy and his culinary team, inspired by the effervescence of sparkling wine and the vibrant essence of summer, have crafted a menu that perfectly blends beloved classics with bold new flavors. Favorites from previous seasons are making a grand return, each dish celebrating the flavors and memories our guests have cherished over the years.

In addition to these treasured recipes, we are introducing innovative creations that promise to add an invigorating twist to your dining experience. Envision dishes that capture the warmth of summer afternoons and the lively pop of a sparkling wine cork—each plate designed to tease the appetite with refreshing starters and satisfy the soul with sumptuous pizzas.

Our offerings constantly evolve with the seasonality of ingredients, adapting to bring you the freshest and most vibrant selections. By collaborating closely with local suppliers, we ensure that each visit offers something new and delightful. We appreciate your enthusiasm as we continuously innovate our menu, and we look forward to sharing our culinary discoveries with you. Thank you, and we are excited to host you at our table!

Our menu celebrates the marriage of comfort and innovation, and we are thrilled to welcome you to 19 Bistro @ Fitz to share our passion for exceptional dining.

We look forward to seeing you soon!